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The QCAA Run & Shoot
Winter League

  • 8 Weeks of Exciting Action
  • Championship Tournament
  • 2 Games each Saturday 
  • Request additional games 
  • Excellent Venues
  • Certified Refs
  • Division 1 & 2

Game Dates

November: 17
December: 1, 8, 15
January: 5, 12, 19
January: 26 - Championship

The popular Run & Shoot Competitive Winter League is back for a 10th season! Keep your team together by keeping them on the court!
Get a jump start on the Travel Season by joining the competition in The Run & Shoot Competitive Winter League. After 14 games in the regular season, the league ends with a Championship Tournament!

The league is JAM-PACKED with competitive talent/teams! Don't Get Left Out!

Winter League Committed Teams!

14U-8th 13U-7th 12U-6th 11U-5th
1 Team Loaded NC Team Loaded NC Team Loaded Red Team Loaded NC
2 NC BEST Upstate Warriors Just Skilz NC BEST
3 CB Hoops Attack 365 Team Loaded Black W.A.G.N.E.R
4 Charlotte Dragons SCBA Showtime Hoops Showtime Hoops
5 CP3 Team Loaded Red NC BEST Metrolina HAVOC
6 Team Loaded Red CBC Soldierz Team United
7 NC Hornets NC BEST
8 Team Loaded Black QB Thunder
9 Showtime Hoops
10 Team University
11 Team Charlotte