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Team Loaded 7th grade PG Jacob Newman, teammates, to start middle school play this week

Team Loaded NC 7th grade PG Jacob Newman

Team Loaded 7th grade point guard Jacob Newman, widely considered to be the top player in North Carolina in his age group, is just one of the Loaded 704's family to begin playing middle school ball this week.

Jacob will play for Alexander Graham Middle, a traditional 6th-8th grade school, near uptown Charlotte. "A.G." as the school is known, is the feeder school for Myers Park High School.

We want to wish 'good luck" to Jacob and all of the Loaded 704 family's middle school kids kicking off "school ball' season this week.

QCAA's AAU Program to become Team Loaded

For Immediate Release 9/10/2016
Coach Ed Addie

QCAA FORCE to merge with Team Loaded

Two of the southeast's top youth basketball organizations have agreed, in principal, to merge.

The 16-year-old Queen City Athletic Association (QCAA), will merge with the Team Loaded basketball group, which is a member of the Adidas Gauntlet national shoe circuit.

Team Loaded fields three teams on the Gauntlet in the 15U, 16U and 17U age divisions: Team Loaded Virginia, Team Loaded 757 and Team Loaded North Carolina.

The combined organizations will keep the Team Loaded name.

The move allows Team Loaded to have a top notch 2nd-8th grade NC program to match with its existing 15U, 16U and 17U NC-based high school teams. Previously Team Loaded did not have an N.C. based youth program.

QCAA, which has produced multiple state and national championships in the middle and elementary age groups, gains a top-flight high school program for its players to graduate into. The QCAA teams will now become Team Loaded.

Team Loaded currently has elementary and middle school teams in its Virginia-based program and will now have the same in North Carolina.

"We are excited about this partnership," said Team Loaded founder and president Ty White. "QCAA has always had a great reputation and has developed some of the best players in North Carolina over the past 10 years. We look forward to making sure all of the younger players being developed now, stay within the Team Loaded family. There is no more reason to leave the program."

QCAA founder and president Edward Addie said it was an easy fit with Team Loaded since both organizations are under the Adidas umbrella, and by merging, his players know that once they enter the program, there will no longer be any reason to leave.

"Everybody knows that some of the most recognizable names in N.C. high schools have come through our program." "In the past, we were always faced with losing the great talent we developed because we didn't have a natural shoe-circuit high school alternative for them to move on to after 8th grade. Now, we have the best alternative in the country."

QCAA Basketball will retain its name for its non-team basketball operations side. The QCAA basketball tournaments for youth basketball teams will remain and the names will not change.

The Rumble!
May 19-21